When To See A Chiropractor


It will come as no surprise that many of the British public suffer from pain, niggles and injuries that simply will not clear up by themselves; whether you have back pain, shoulder pain or even chronic pain anywhere across your body, a Chiropractor could be the person for you. Pain can be all-consuming, especially if you are living with it every day, but this is not normal, and you should never think you will just muddle on. We’ll explore when to see a chiropractor.

Pain can be helped through chiropractic care, but do you know everything about it? Have you been to a chiropractor before? If you suffer from pain and discomfort, you should, without a doubt, see a Chiropractor, the treatment they offer involves physical alignment, adjustments of the spine and other manipulations to help improve your pain levels. 

The benefits you will receive from seeing a Chiropractor do not end with pain relief; they can provide a range of other benefits, which we will go into in this article. Our team here at Innate Health have been offering Chiropractic services for several years; during this time, we have learnt a thing or two about how our services and treatments can benefit our clients. 

Once you have read our latest article, have any questions or queries, or want to make an appointment to undergo any of the Chiropractic treatments we offer, be sure to reach out to our team for more information. We are always happy to help you in any way we can.

What Does A Chiropractor Do? 

Chiropractors have been trained explicitly to perform treatments on patients struggling with spine problems, pain issues and anything causing discomfort; this includes muscle aches and soreness. After an initial assessment by a professional, they can determine what course of treatment will suit you and your specific pain type. The assessment can be anything from a physical exam to X-rays and other visual tests, whatever is needed to diagnose your condition. 

One thing to note is that chiropractors do not prescribe medication, whether it is for pain or anything else; rather than prescribing, they work to achieve health with the body itself. Using their hands and ability to manipulate, Chiropractors are the best people to see if you need help with your spine. We can move joints and your body into specific positions to help alleviate pressure. 

Chiropractors are for more than just back pain; this includes offering a range of treatments, services and more, these include; 

  • Stimulation 
  • Cold therapies 
  • Exercises for recover 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Diet and weight loss services


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What To Expect When You See A Chiropractor? 

As we have mentioned, your first appointment with a Chiropractor will begin with a full body assessment. They will go through a complete questionnaire with you tailored to the body and the musculoskeletal system. 

You will need to answer questions based on your sleeping patterns, any history of health issues such as headaches or migraines, further detail into your diet and even any exercise you partake in. By having such an in-depth first appointment, we will be able to find out where to start with the Chiropractic treatment, something that has been specifically tailored to you and your needs.

Within the duration of the physical exam and assessment, you will have areas such as your posture tested, muscle strength throughout your body and also your mobility; again, by testing all of these areas, we will get a complete picture of your health and what we need to concentrate on to help you leave feeling satisfied. 

Please note that some chiropractors also use an ultrasound or an X-ray machine to look at any issues should that be deemed appropriate. 

Main Reasons To See A Chiropractor 

If you are looking for a reason to get booked in to see a Chiropractor, any consistent pain or aching is one of the best reasons to see us; not only that, but a large portion of adults do not want to focus on a medication based treatment plan, so a Chiropractor is a great alternative. If you are searching for neck pain, lower back painconcussion or head pain relief you are in the right place, but you can see a Chiropractor for a range of other reasons, including;

  • Preventing injury reoccurrence
  • Increased performance 
  • Promoting overall wellbeing & function 

(Please note it can take a few sessions with a Chiropractor to feel the benefit, it is a steady process) 

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Main Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor


If you have ever suffered from headaches, you will know how debilitating they can be; they can leave you completely crippled and unable to do anything, which is unsuitable for anyone. Headaches can be caused by exhaustion or dehydration but can also be a sign that you have an issue with your spine or neck alignment. We can work with you to help alleviate the pain you may have in your neck and improve the blood flow and, in turn, the oxygen moving to your brain, ideally relieving the headache you are experiencing. 

Muscle Pain 

If you have constant muscle or joint pain, do not turn straight to the medication cupboard; it may be something you can deal with without needing to choose painkillers. It is more than likely an issue with alignment and your musculoskeletal system; our team are trained to help find the issue that you are suffering from and help get you back to health in no time. 

Under this topic comes spinal alignment treatments and manipulations; this sounds complicated and painful. However, it is worth noting it is a very relieving process. You can feel the pain fading. 

Do You Sit At A Desk For Long Periods? 

If you work in an office or even work from home, you may find that you spend a large portion of your day sitting at a desk, which is not the healthiest for your body or even your mind, one of the biggest downfalls being you will be hunched over a desk using a fitted chair. You will likely end up with a poor posture, but a Chiropractor can help. 

Bad posture can put unnecessary strain on your spine and your neck, which can cause issues such as slipped disks or herniated disks, which, when that happens, can cause more significant problems. A Chiropractor will be more than capable of helping realign your spine, making you more comfortable at work and throughout your day-to-day life. 

Do You Have Chronic Back Pain? 

Chronic back pain can be one of the most debilitating problems you can face; it can render you unable to do some of the essential day-to-day tasks; if you are experiencing chronic back pain, you should, without a doubt, visit a Chiropractor, we can work with you to find the source of the pain and try a range of methods to relieve you of the pain you are experiencing. 

When it comes to chronic back pain, you could suffer for many reasons, including spending too much time on your feet or even the type of work you do; our team can provide you with the relief you are looking for. We can do this without the need for invasive or long recovery surgeries, which can, in turn, cause more issues. 

Do You Notice Differences With Your Shoes? 

If you walk a lot or even spend time running, you may have noticed that the soles on the bottom of your shoes are wearing differently; this could be a sign that your body is not appropriately aligned, especially if it is noticeable. Your shoes are one of the best ways to tell if your body is out of alignment; if this is the case, it is more than likely your spine that is the issue. 

Spinal manipulation can help reset your spine and help ease the pronation; either way; this procedure is completely painless and will be carried out with gentle manipulations rather than harsh treatments that GPs could prescribe or elsewhere; Chiropractic treatments are all about working with the body and helping guiding it back to its relaxed position. 

Shooting Pain In Your Legs

If you have ever experienced shooting pains in your legs, you understand how painful they can be, especially when they come out of nowhere and take you by surprise. Whether this is pain or just an itch, it can cause issues for you, it could be a sign of a slipped disc or even a trapped nerve, but whatever it is, you will want it treated sooner rather than later. 

One of our trained Chiropractors can work with you to diagnose where the pain in your leg is coming from and the best way to treat it; once we have found the root cause of the problem, we can provide you with Chiropractic treatments that will help alleviate your pain. 

Are You An Active Person?

Wanting to see a Chiropractor does not always come down to being in pain; there are a vast range of reasons to come and see us; this includes if you are an active person, playing sports of any kind can take a physical toll on your body, even if you do not experience pain as such. Still, a Chiropractor can help with muscle aches and tenderness. 

The stress your body is under when playing sports can cause injury without the proper care and attention; this includes issues such as a misaligned spine or muscle problems; with Chiropractic treatments centred around manipulation and massage, we can work with you to ease any niggles you might have. 

By visiting a Chiropractor regularly, you can minimise any risk of injury and keep your body in peak fitness, not put your sport or active lifestyle at risk, and take the time to see a Chiropractor. 

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When Not To See A Chiropractor

Before consulting a chiropractor, patients with herniated or slipped discs and those with arthritis may need medical counsel from a specialist. Chiropractic care might not be appropriate for you if you have a physical abnormality or damage in your body, such as a fracture. Before starting chiropractic care, people with osteoporosis and those in delicate health should also be evaluated.

So how can you tell if visiting a chiropractor might benefit you? Just speak with a chiropractor! The best experts to consult if you want to find out if chiropractic care will help your issue are chiropractors. A chiropractor can help you decide if you should seek their care through a straightforward consultation in which you describe your symptoms and medical history and imaging tests to look for physical abnormalities.

What To Do Following A Chiropractic Procedure

In the following few days after your Chiropractic treatment, you will likely be tired and achy and may experience a minor ache, this is entirely normal, and we urge you not to worry.

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