Chiropractic treatment for shoulder conditions

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Chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain

We see many cases of shoulder pain and dysfunction at Innate Health Chiropractic.

Shoulder problems are common because proper movement and function is dependent on many other joints and muscles as well as the upper arm, including the neck and upper back, the ribcage, the shoulder blade, collar bone and the many muscles of the shoulder girdle. If you experience pain or chronic pain in your shoulder that seems to get worse, we recommend you speak to our team who can help you with treatments and recovery, helping you towards a pain free life.

Whether your shoulder pain comes from an injury, you are experiencing inflammation, pains and discomfort, our treatments aim to improve your shoulders’ tendons and ligaments, as well as your overall posture.

In fact, we find most shoulder issues are a combination of shoulder girdle and spinal dysfunction, particularly the neck and upper back. It’s a common condition and this is why we take an holistic approach to get you results that last for the long term and not simply short term pain relief for your body.


What is the cause of my shoulder pain

As mentioned above, there are many potential causes of pain in the shoulder region. During the consultation we will assess the function of the entire shoulder girdle, neck and back as to determine the cause.

Some common causes of shoulder issues include: 

Mechanical dysfunction of the shoulder (movement disorder)

Impingement of the glenohumeral joint

Rotator cuff tear

Muscle disorders such as tendinitis, muscle spasm or tight muscles

Neck hernia and/or trapped nerve causing shoulder pain

Arm disorders affecting the shoulder and neck such as tennis elbow

What is our approach to treating shoulder joint and upper arm pain

The key to a successful treatment outcome is a thorough assessment on every visit to determine the patterns involved that are causing the movement restriction and muscle imbalance. 

We combine several different techniques to progressively improve the shoulder function.

In this way we can restore the proper unhindered movement of the shoulder joint and shoulder blade, as well as the associated imbalances that may be present in the neck, back or arm.

Our approach combines:

Neuro-Impulse Protocol (NIP)

Spinal adjustments

Sacro Occipital Technique (Balancing tension patterns between the skull and pelvis)

Cranio Fascial Dynamics (cranial assessment and treatment)

Soft tissue approaches to address muscle tension and imbalance

We may also recommend particular exercises, there are a number of benefits to our shoulder pain treatments, for more information, get in touch with our team today. 

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder refers to ‘adhesive capsulitis’, it’s a condition that involves your shoulder joint being stiff and painful. The symptoms and signs of this tend to worsen over time, but will then get better. For more information on our treatments for frozen shoulder and shoulder pain, contact our team today.

Chronic Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you should get in touch with your local Exeter health experts – Innate Heath Chiropractic. We offer a range of shoulder pain treatments such as mobile joint pain, rotator cuff injury and damaged tendons. We can assist with arrange of services to help and treat the area, we can also recommend particular exercise, like walking that may help alleviate the pains that you are experiencing. For more information on our services or to book an appointment with our chiropractor get in touch today.