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Ashley Crow
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star4 days ago

Friendly, knowledgeable, great value and most importantly has help with my back and shoulder pain in a very short space of time. Can’t recommend Jake highly enough!

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James Geer
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star2 months ago

I heard about Jake’s amazing work through a member of my family who had struggled with severe neck, shoulder, and back issues for years - and who experienced significant improvement/recovery through the work with Jake / Innate Health. Having struggled with my back and neck for years, I thought I’d get in touch to see what Jake could do for me. Jake is very calm, honest, knowledgable and put me at ease immediately - explaining how my neck, shoulder and even knee pain were all connected to my core back/pelvic issues. After following an extended action plan and sessions with Jake, my back pain has reduced drastically, as too have my neck and shoulder issues - I will definitely be going back to Jake for any future flare ups. I highly recommend getting in touch with Jake to see what he can do for you - you will not regret it!

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elaine spry
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star3 months ago

Jake has given me back my life after severe facial pain for 18 months with no medical remedy Jake diagnosed it and helped make it better, if it plays up I just go see him and he calms it back down again, can't recommend him enough

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Jonathan Liddon
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star4 months ago

I cannot recommend Jake at Innate Health enough. I have been seeing Jake for around 3 months and while the problem in my back and shoulder now feels better, the fine tuning he has done has stopped many other aches and pains that I was putting down to getting older. I have seen many other chiropractors over the years but none have bothered to explained the treatment and the ongoing effects like Jake has. I would not trust anyone else with this kind of care anymore, I think Jake is truly one of a kind.

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Joy Chanter
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star5 months ago

I have been going to see Jake for a little while due to some ongoing issues with neck tension and serious pain, migraines, all stemming from teeth grinding and jaw issues. I was willing to try anything and was even looking into orthodontics and spending a lot of money there thinking that may help. Even after my first session with Jake, my neck and shoulder mobility had improved so drastically I was actually in shock. He is so knowledgeable, and I feel really grateful that he talks through why these symptoms occur and why what he is doing helps correct. It gives more of a sense of how to look after my body and what things to keep an eye on going forward. Definitely trust him with recommendations for time between appointments and frequency, I've always found the appointments come around just when I feel I need them! I now don't have to take painkillers everyday, my mood has improved also because I rarely have pain in my face or neck. I also feel comforted that if these issues start to rear their head again, I know Jake will be able to help prevent further complications. Thank you so much for what you do, I have quality of life again 😀

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svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star5 months ago

I have been seeing osteo's, chiro's, physio's, you name it for 40 years, due to an accident in my teens causing back issues. I have now found Jake and I will never go anywhere else. He is so intuitive and knowledgeable, he explains everything as he works. His treatments are gentle, effective and long lasting. You get fixed, not just treated to then wait for the problem to come back. Don't bother going anywhere else for treatment. I started to see Jake due to intense shoulder pain and reduced mobility. The pain had spread to my elbows and hands. Both shoulders were now frozen, I couldn't lift my right arm or put it behind my back. I could no longer use my arm for carrying, lifting, even getting dressed was difficult. Soft tissue damage then set in. I was diagnosed with PMR by Rheumatology at the hospital. I was offered steroids which I didn't take. After a six week intensive course with Jake I got movement back in both shoulders. I then went to see him once a month. Hands and elbows stopped hurting and to cut this short, I now have NO pain at all and am back to swimming crawl for long distances with no pain. I am able to start building up strength in my right arm as well. Jake not only fixed the obvious screaming problem, but his approach was to treat the body as a whole. So many other areas were suffering from the side effects of 2 affected areas. He found all these and more!! Having gone through 3 operations for breast cancer including a mastectomy and complete lymph removal there were loads of other issues unrelated to shoulder pain. You don't need to tell Jake what is wrong or where it hurts because A, he will find it and B, he will work on the areas causing the pain. I can not rate him highly enough.

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Jodie Simpson
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star5 months ago

I suffer with fibromyalgia and insomnia, Since seeing jake my mobility, posture and insomnia has improved massively. I no longer rely on sleep aids regularly. Jake is such a friendly person happy to answer questions and explain you don't understand, he cares about his clients and is very passionate about what he does and gives great advice. He also takes the time to explain exactly what hes doing and what it means. I would 100% recommend him. He's definitely improved my quality of life

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Zoja Begovic
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star6 months ago

Jake has incredibly healing hands and can fix you in seconds! He is such a lovely presence and it’s always nice to chat with him. I truly recommend him, he is the best!

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Natalie Dolan
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star6 months ago

After just a few sessions with Jake, I started noticing a significant improvement in my back pain. His gentle yet effective approach to chiropractic care helped ease the tension in my muscles and align my spine, providing much-needed relief. I was impressed by his professionalism, his attention to detail, and his compassionate demeanor. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my experience at Innate Health. He's an outstanding chiropractor who truly cares about his patients' well-being. If you're looking for a skilled and caring chiropractor, I highly recommend Jake!"

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J Christie
svg starsvg starsvg starsvg starsvg star6 months ago

Jake was very thorough and relaxed putting us at ease straight away and sorting the issue. Would definitely recommend.

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