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Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic works with the nervous system (the spine and nerves) to bring about balance and ease to the body. It goes beyond the limited approach of treating pain to a fuller vision of health where the body is expressing its full potential.

The aim of a chiropractor is to ensure your spine and other joints have unrestricted movement, a balanced posture, and no undue muscle tension. This means the body can function well and adapt to the stresses and strains of daily life. When it comes to the health of the spine and joints, a chiropractor is the health professional to get you back on track.

Inevitably in life we experience stress in all its forms, whether that’s physical stresses such as traumas or postural strains, to mental stresses and the effects of our dietary habits. These stresses can accumulate and create imbalance and restriction in the body. When pain and discomfort develop, this is a sure sign that the body is compensating and under tension.
At Innate Health Chiropractic we take the time to get to know you and your body so that we can tailor a specific approach to your care.
Alongside chiropractic, we may recommend specific exercises or lifestyle changes to aid in your healing journey.


Our Expertise Make Us Different


Commonly Sees Include

Acute and chronic back pain

Headaches arising from the neck

Neck pain and stiffness

Migraine prevention

Shoulder and rotator cuff complaints

Elbow pain & tennis arm assoc. with the spine

Sciatica & Pinched nerves

Symptoms due to tension and inability to relax

Joint pain i.e hips & knees

Muscle spasm & cramp

Pain & discomfort during Pregnancy

Neuro Impulse Protocol (NIP) Chiropractic

NIP is a gentle, cutting-edge approach that is leading the way in the chiropractic world. It uses precise testing protocols that allows us to uncover the real source of pain and dysfunction. This makes it particularly effective with complex and chronic conditions.
When Jake met the founder of NIP, Australian Neil Davis (chiropractor), it was certainly a lightbulb moment that showed just how profound specific chiropractic care can be.

This led Jake to travel to Australia to train under him and subsequently in multiple countries worldwide. 

You can find out more about NIP here.


Fascial Dynamics

CFD is a breakthrough approach that focusses treatment on the skull (cranium), jaw (TMJ), upper neck and pelvis to bring about balance in the body and nervous system.
80% of the nervous system is inside the skull, so CFD can give profound results as well as being the key to shift persistent neck complaints.

Sacro Occipital Technique

SOT is one of the most popular techniques in Chiropractic, known for its gentle, effective, and holistic approach.
It aims to balance tension patterns that develop mostly in the pelvis, upper neck, and skull.
When this balance is achieved the joints can move freely and without strain in the muscles and ligaments. SOT often uses specific wedge shaped blocks that the patient lies on in order to take out torsion in the pelvis.

Traditional Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjusting the spine, also referred to as spinal manipulation, is the classic form of chiropractic taught at university. We use precise adjustments to the spine to restore movement and function to the area. It is a very effective form of chiropractic, especially when there is limited movement in the neck and lower back. Our style of manual adjusting can be adapted for the person and what their needs are in the moment, whether gentle low force adjusting or more deep structural adjusting. It is normal to feel and hear a clicking or popping sound with a spinal adjustment. It is rarely uncomfortable when performed well and most people feel immediate benefit.
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For Wellness

Chiropractic for Wellness is for anyone looking to keep their body balanced and unrestricted.
Those under regular chiropractic care realise how effective it is to keep them well and at their best.
Some evidence shows that regular maintenance visits can be effective at preventing recurrence of back pain.
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For Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves many changes to the body including the softening of ligaments, increase in weight and changes to posture. This can create additional pressure on joints, particularly in the spine or pelvis.

We love seeing expectant mothers at Innate Health.
Our gentle and specific approach can help alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy and relieve the stresses and strains during pregnancy and after birth.