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Who we are


Chiropractor | Founder of Innate Health Chiropractic

I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the chiropractic profession. My passion lies in providing exceptional care that is transformative and truly holistic.

This goal has taken me all over the world to study and learn from some of the best chiropractors and therapists around. After graduating chiropractic college in the UK I worked under the mentorship of a brilliant chiropractor in the Netherlands for close to 7 years. In these formative years I learnt my craft and travelled widely. I spent 1 month in Australia learning from my mentor Dr Neil Davis who developed the incredible system of NIP, a light form of neurologically-based chiropractic.

In recent years I have learnt other forms of chiropractic from teachers across the UK and Europe. I still remain a life long student, seeking to further expand my skills and understanding of chiropractic, healing and health.

In 2020 I returned to my native West Country to establish Innate Health Chiropractic & Wellbeing. 

I feel Chiropractic offers a holistic understanding that is vital if we are to address symptoms at their root and truly enjoy an abundant state of wellbeing that is innate in all of us.

Outside of chiropractic I enjoy keeping physically fit and healthy. I spent many years practising yoga. These days I enjoy working out at a local CrossFit gym, exploring nature and immersing myself in long walking holidays. To date I have walked around 1,300km across Spain and Portugal. 



My desire for seeing profound results with Chiropractic has led me on a beautiful journey to learn from some of the best in the profession.
After studying with chiropractor Dr Davis (founder of NIP) in Australia, I began my career in the Netherlands and spent 6 wonderful years there.
In 2020 I returned to the UK. Having worked briefly near Bath, my partner and I settled in the glorious county of Devon.
Over the years my approach to health & chiropractic have evolved greatly. My focus now is to master my craft as a lifelong student, dedicated to the wonders of the human body and its limitless capacity to heal.
Besides Chiropractic I have a passion for yoga, meditation, being in nature and seeing new parts of the world.
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